3TC: Snakes in a School Hall

Three Things Challenge: Cry, Phobia, Laugh People will often laugh at someone's phobia because it seems irrational. I personally have a phobia of Snakes which is probably about the only thing I have in common with Indiana Jones, it is some what illogical because Shropshire is so well known for its abundance of serpentine life. … Continue reading 3TC: Snakes in a School Hall

(Not) On the Street Where You Live

https://fivedotoh.com/2020/04/04/on-the-street-where-you-live/Partially following an idea set up by Fandango in regards to looking at the Pandemic from a domestic point of view. But I am not going to share photos of my street as the layout has too many identifiable items which would compromise the privacy of my neighbours so I am going to shate some … Continue reading (Not) On the Street Where You Live

Life on Mars

Another week in lock down is over and it feels kind of unreal in a way, I think living off the suburbs gives a slightly off-key view on the events. Everyone in our own little living spaces not going out unless wearing protective gear it kind of makes me think of Colonisation sci-fi in a … Continue reading Life on Mars