Mr Johnstone was already sitting down when Mrs Anderson arrived and had poured the coffee. "You're late," he said. "Yes well I had a bit further to come today," she said. Mr Jonstone noticed the shell broach on her blouse. "Weren't you wearing that blouse yesterday?" "I did, I just like it so I thought … Continue reading 3TC:


Attending rehearsals for the play in a few weeks and while watching Mrs A go through one of her scenes something silly struck me. The scene in question requires her to don a bikini and I had forgotten how big she is in the chest department, they were certainly feeling bounteous when they were handing … Continue reading YDWP:


"Are we going to alternate each auditionee?" asked Mrs Anderson. "I don't think that will be necessary," replied Artro the director. "Who's turn is it next?" "Matt Hartnell," answered Mrs Anderson softly. "Send him in," instructed Artro. Mrs Anderson called him and told him to get on with the audition. The young man performed the … Continue reading 3TC

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A brand new festive mystery from the mind of the Sandman: A Christmas Mystery Multiple shops have been broken into but nothing has been stolen. The only result is petty vandalism on the Christmas Grottos. The displays are trashed and the stuffed reindeer have been slit open. The area manager is concerned and in order … Continue reading Coming soon