A fiery intelligence, a mischievous glint in the eye and an ample bosom…

…but enough about my ideal woman and onto more serious matters. Well I say serious…

      Not been out quite as much I intended to the past week of so, due to a combination my bad knee, work and just pure apathy in some cases. Still I am trying to rectify the apathy notion in regards to going to the flicks as I have paid my subscription fee and I really should use the card more often. Plenty of films I want to see and now the kids are going back to school I can enjoy the cinema in relative peace and quiet. There is a new Cineworld in Telford but I think I shall continue to use Shrewsbury as it is near the Kynn and the Mytton is en route so I can call in on Tom and Mike on the way there or the way back. What with the IMAX 3D screen and the 4D part of the cinema I have a feeling Telford is going to be a lot busier then Shrewsbury which is another reason for me to head that way.

        Bank Holiday was a typical wash out weather wise and a rather unlucky one for me as while at the Mytton some bugger pulled my rear windscreen wiper off my car… I don’t mean the blade the whole arm and that has set me back nearly fifty quid. Just what I needed.

    I called in at the Harp two Wednesdays ago to see Mike Yorke only to find out I’d got my dates wrong and it was a night with Terry Roberts, the Brian Blessed of Sax Players. It was a good night with many tunes played including “Misty”, “Petite Fleur” and a few numbers with a very talented wheel chair bound singer who sand “Willow Weep for Me” and “Lover Man”. Both tunes are commonly associated with Billie Holiday but I think the latter is much more wildly known due to the two versions recorded by Charlie Parker. The first being recorded while he was so drunk/high he had to be held in front of the microphone as he was swaying too much, it has a  few bum notes in it and Bird insisted it be destroyed when he heard it. Later on he rerecorded it and you can hear where he was intending to go on the first take and comparing the two makes for very interesting listening.

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3xLmFz-Co0 1946

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plHYNe5eV2I 1951

 Just a brief one today, next up. Take a Deep Breath for my views on the return of Doctor Who


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