First things first, I’ll kick off with an update regarding my gammy knee. It is still giving me jip, more so now then before. The X-Ray has come back and all which can be deduced from it is that it is not a bone issue. So after another visit to the doctor I have been sent to the Orthopaedics on 23rd September. So just over two weeks, a vast improvement over the 9 week wait for my X-Ray, this has been rushed through I think as my right leg is now beginning to show signs of muscle wastage. No doubt a consequence of favouring the left leg, so I am grinning and bearing the pain and put more onto my bad leg. Though running is a bad idea as I found out en route to the Mytton and Mermaid, I had to park in a lay by and cross a busy road and as a consequence my knee nearly buckled and I spent the rest of the day limping.

Tuesday was a busy day for me with a visit to pay off my credit card bill and buying a brace of hefty tomes of reading material; the complete His Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman for myself and the complete novels of the Bronte sisters for my old friend Hannah as I think it is her birthday around now (it has been ten years since I last saw her so I think you can cut me some slack), so that should be a nice surprise for her.
After a spot of lunch at the Beaten Track, I went down to Shrewsbury Cineworld and saw the ‘high concept’ sci-fi thriller Lucy. It was ok I guess with a somewhat off kilter opening with the titular character becoming an unwitting drugs mule and spending a lot of time being bullied by gangsters. It then goes into a bit of a bizarre mish mash of the Lawnmower Man and the Matrix in terms of plot for the former and visual style for the latter, with our character being to use her brain to full capacity due a high over dose of the mysterious drug and developing ESP. The idea being as her brain power increases the less human and detached she becomes, the problem is that Scarlett Johansson lacks the abilty to pull this off and her performance is so poor it gets to the point where she could benefit from acting lessons from Paul Darrow! Ah well at least Morgan Freeman homes in a good performance as the curious lecturer come scientist who spends the bulk of the film away from the title character. Overall it wasn’t a bad film but as the notes left on my Physics homework often said; could do better.

After the film I made a quick call in at the Mytton to see the guys and as I was a little early I managed to finish off Engines of War and boy was it bleak and sadly it lead more or less into Day of the Doctor suggesting we won’t be getting any more stories featuring the War Doctor. After I finished I started the Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie. It seems quite amusing so far… I had a quick chat with the guys before heading home for a quick scrub up and heading off to the Harp for the Tuesday night session. It was the Jake Leg Jug band again and as before very much a skiffle group and rather lacklustre. The female lead had a hair style which looked as if a bird wanted to make a nest in it and oh dear one of the guys doing the vocals eek, more of a rant then any bluesy feeling. Then there were numbers lead by two banjos on the front line… I had a horrible feeling I had somehow slipped sideways in time and was in a parallel universe where Albrighton was the setting for the film Deliverance! Last thing I’d want is some yam-yam coming out an ally and stating “Alright mate. Yam gonna bend yau over and make yau squeal like a piggy.”

So the band was disappointing but on the plus side I’ve got some good albums lately including Dr John’s latest which is a tribute to Ol’ Satchmo and Gregory Porter’s debut album.

That’s all for the moment.


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