Voice from the Past

I always found the idea of a school reunion a tad creepy, always sounded like the plot to a film. A random collection of people meeting in a prescribed location at a particular time and it is a group with a thin connection. Actually that’d be a good murder mystery plot so….

Anyway, after umming and ahhing I made my way to it. 14 people. I was one of two males present including my old History teacher Mr Fear. So mostly girls which I suppose isn’t too bad. Amuses me that most of them were not people I used to hang around with but mostly recognisable people. I saw Nina for the first time in two years and saw Zizzy in the flesh for the first time since school really. She is shortly going to be on the TV quiz show Pointless, on Halloween in fact, I’m saying nothing. There were a few others there such as Esther and Nicole who organised it all but mostly it was a small affair. Still it was a good night, a nice relief as I have not exactly been fond of memories with school.

Work has been long and exhausting with some long shifts, but luckily we have some new staff being tried out so hopefully it will go easily, though next week is going to be tough on me.

In an attempt at burying the hatchet I revisited Mary at the Shoe today. Oddly for a woman who says she is low on funds its odd she has bought a new car and been holiday to Tunisia. Apparently she has applied for casual staff at the Horseshoe as she needs the money (apparently short due to private scans as she is too impatient to wait for the NHS), though since she is doing unpaid work for a Roman Fort site in Coventry I beg to differ. Anyway, we got on reasonably at the pub though she is having voice issues connected to her health. Well we got on reasonably and I and a good chat with Pete and I moved on to the Mytton to see Tom and Mike. Talking there, I discovered quite the extent of what Mary’s health ¬†problems were, according to my source who admits they only got drips and drabs and may have pieced together a false picture, but seems like she has been suffering from cancer for the last year or so and was at one point touch at go one point which may explain her sudden disappearance last year. I’d felt sorry for her a lot, but coming home I don’t what happened. I just lost it for some reason and was just very very nasty to her… I don’t know why I did that but I did. Pete gave me a right telling off and rightly so as there was no call for it, especially as I voiced some suspicions about her and my the piss-head idiot manager of the shoe before I left (for left read unfairly forced out), Ian Yates. Apparently you can’t refer to suffering from psoriasis indirectly when asked a question, one day I will tell the story of my last days at the Shoe, but not today.

Tuesday was a good day as I checked out the new Cineworld Cinema at Telford and I must admit it is rather good. I saw Sin City 2 which is based upon the graphic novel ‘Sin City’ by Frank Miller and it was a wonderful tribute to film noir. Filmed in black and white it really gives sense of the grimness and depravity of the whole world it is set in. I saw black and white, it is mostly black and white with some colour added here and there to add emphasis, such as a particular red headed dame, Eva Green’s eyes and lipstick and some rather grisly moments such as one of our “heroes” pulling somebodies eye out… not a scene to be eating while eating a wine gum I can tell you. The cinema is pretty good and even has beer for sale to drink in the movie, which is not all that common here. Fairly decent too, I think it was Old Speckled Hen and an Admans… I didn’t buy it as I am very see a film with as clear mind the first time. But despite being able to pick my seat I somehow managed to find the worst seat in the screen with a permanent view of the handrail for the steps in my vision… just my luck. Overall the film was very good, violent and quite a bit of sex in it but a good film, much more rewarding then Lucy. I think the structure helped as it was very much a portmanteau film, a bunch of individual stories which ultimately add up as a whole, though it has a rather sudden ending.

I made my first appearance for a lunchtime gig at the Harp for the first time in years and it was very good. Mike Owen and his New Orleans Four, a good band which was unusual in that it was Trombone lead quartet. I caught the second set as I had to get some change for work and I like a lie in if I can get one. The second set kicked of in fine form opening with a request called “April Showers” which rather irritatingly back by unwarranted singalong action from the audience which was followed by a number called June Night to continue the calendar theme. This was followed by a boogie woogie which was greeted by a random member of the audience dancing… thought I am not sure what to as it clearly wasn’t the tune being played. This was followed by a crappy song made famous by Gracie Fields called “Sally”, which was performed in much superior aplomb then the original… but that wouldn’t be hard so not much of a compliment. When Mike said it was a Gracie Fields number you could join in on I was expecting it to be Sing As We Go and I could shock the aged audience with a rendition of Monty Python’s “Sit on my Face”.

Al Bowlly as opposed to Gracie Fields as I’m not prepared to ruin the entry with that Harpies warbling. My personal dirty laundry is fine, but not Gracie Fields.
And the Monty Python version

The number was followed by the comment “Quite how Gracie Fields had a hit with a man’s song is anyone’s guess!”, but I feel a minor edit is needed: “Quite how Gracie Fields had a hit is anyone’s guess!” After this bypass the band went into more familiar Nat King Cole territory with a number called “There Goes My Heart” which was followed by the morose St. James Infirmary, which ironically would be an ideal number for me this evening.

You know I mentioned elsewhere about doing some critical reviews of the new Doctor Who, well they are coming I’m just being lazy about them.

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