Upturned Noses

If I do have an area which in I am snobbish I’ve have to say it is about Pubs.

But in a sort of reverse snobbery, I am very particular about pubs being very rustic or full of character. This worrying growth of Gastro-Pubs and bland conformity ridden chain pubs. No ambiance, nothing welcoming about them purely designed to have rapid turn over. A fun to me has to have some character to it, look a little rough around the edges and well pretty much look as if it has been lived in, because after all is not Pub just short for Public House?

4 thoughts on “Upturned Noses

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  3. It is indeed, but the way some of them are run makes them seem way too public, like urinals. I think I prefer the notion of a pub run as a family business if you want homey and cosy and friendly.


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