Not the Road

10 minutes. You and your keyboard (or smartphone. Or tablet. Or pen and paper). No pauses, no edits, no looking back: it’s free-write time!

We all have them and yet we are frequently told not to have any regrets. Well sorry but that is Equine Scatology. Regret is part of the fabric of bring human, to deny regret would be like failing to experience joy, irony, sadness or disappointment. These are things which are essential to being human, how can you appreciate happiness unless you experience sadness? Two sides of one coin. Regret is what motivates you to improve yourself and leave the past behind and not repeat it. True some people will let their regrets get the better of them and instead of having a positive effect it will make them retreat in melancholy and depression and this will cause untold problems. To crib Kerr Avon “Regret is part of being alive, but keep  it a small part.”


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