From Horseshoe to Horsedung

Let It Be

A restaurant that removed your favorite item from the menu, a bad cover of a great song… Write a post about something that should’ve been left untouched, but wasn’t. Why was the original better?

I was reasonably happy there, as happy anyone is at work and there were always improvements to be made but the core idea wasn’t too bad. Then Sentry came and ruined everything; a holding company who were full of liars, no sense of progress and determined to yank what was becoming an established fine dining place to the low standards of your chav-tastic estate pub. Let’s stick a Sunday Carvary in a pub which is 100% a destination pub and take off all the local ales. Don’t support local businesses at all should we? Lets got to bland corporation filler from suppliers who are unreliable and have low quality bland ale which may or may not turn up on the delivery. Don’t listen to the guy who worked there for 7 and a half years, personally increased the ale trade from two firkins a week to seven, got the pub Good Beer Guide nominations three years consecutively. Here’s another sensible business move instead of having the Chefs cook your grills for you lets put them on a hot rock so you can cook it yourself, but by the way that’ll be an extra few quid on top as the oven for heating the rock plates needs to be paid for. Of course no one dining is going to mind as the smoke from the plates engulfs the restaurant and sets off the fire alarm… very foolish of you not to install sprinklers though. Let’s not bother reprogramming the till either so pricing things is easy, lets make an amalgamated price from off shoots on the menu. Handwritten bills so the customer understands what they paid for? Bad idea, it makes more sense to list a 7.50 portion of Fish and Chips as a breaded Mushroom and a plate of Garlic Bread, listing it as Fish and Chips would confuse people, oh and that little personal touch is a foolish idea.
The business will be sold, yes but to sell a business you need to keep it running and progressing. So let’s install a dirty bald letch who is permanently drinking while on duty and has so little backbone he won’t even stand up for staff who are being bullied by customers, customers who are already outing other customers off.
Oh and now lets get rid of the long serving staff member because we are so paranoid we spy on you and decided a reference to having a touch of psoriasis playing up is snipe at the this Utopian environment we have created. What do you mean staff moral is low? You better get a new staff then…

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