This will be my last update proper post for a few weeks save for possibly a Daily Post tomorrow, why I hear you ask? The clock is rapidly counting down to my bi-annual holiday abroad and this’ll be my third trip to the wonderful isle of Cuba. After two years of pretty much misery and the blues this break is bound to do me good and with a little the spark of the old me will cause a four alarm fire and bring the sentimental Sandman back from the ashes (yes I know that’s a dreadful metaphor).
Well thanks to the wonders of modern technology, flight stubbs are a thing of the past which is a shame really as there was always something a bit lovely about having the remains of the ticket book when you returned home.

So what have I been up too in the mean time, in essence not really a lot as I have been pretty much stuck at work in more ways then one. Yes I have had another long stint living in the Kynn which turned out to be nearly three weeks, though this time I did managed to avoid revealing all to local college girls. On the plus side I have finally achieved my last unfinished goal from my time at the Horseshoes, I have managed to organise a beer festival just in time for Halloween show casing many of our local breweries such as Three Tuns, Dickensian, Rowton and the local(ish) Backyard Brewery. This was followed by a pretty much surprise bonfire and firework barbeque meaning some very busy time passing by.

How are things with my Knee? It is still bad, but I am doing plenty of physiotherapy to ease the pain and toughen up the muscles, no doubt plenty of swimming on holiday will aid that too. Nothing showed up on the MRI scan so it is still something of mystery as too what has caused the injury in the first place.

Entertainment wise I have only made one of three planned Cinema trips due to misplacing my card (luckily I found it), I went a week last Tuesday and looked at the film times. The two films I was thinking of were on in an hour – hour and fifteen minutes so I browse what else is on. Some kids film just about to start and ten minutes…. Special Halloween screening of Ghostbusters. So do I hang around for a new film or watch one of my favourite films as a child? No brainer, off to see Ghostbusters. For a thirty year old film on a HD cinema screen it does stand up pretty well effects wise although there are few moments where it goes a bit Blake’s 7 and the print was a bit grimy in places but ah its an old film. Amusingly there are lots of little innuendos and injokes which flew right over my head as a child and I recognise now. thought it still puzzles me as to why the film is now rated 12 (that’s the English version of PG-13) when on original release it was a U and it was exactly the same print. Ah well….

Well two shifts to go and it is going to be a busy time fore me so be seeing you.

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