Well I am back from my excursion to the socialist utopia which is Cuba. It was a fantastic holiday met some new friends, had sone grwat excursions and in general had fun. Don’t worry there will be a full and frank account of my communist capers in due course.

After an uncomfortable (and late) flight home due to a number of factors, the principal one being a lack of leg room, I was picked up from Manchester Airport by my Father who told me he was in a Coffee shop as I went through customs (tempted as I was to go to the office and say “I have nothing to declare but my genius” I refrained) and I asked if he’d get me a Gingerbread Latte. Turns out he though I was taking the mickey so I got myself one. It was a fairly straight forward trip home, but the British weather was quite a contrast from the Cuban heat which I think didn’t help my back and knee pains (I don’t think the tight plane seat helped either), upon arrival home I was practically knocked off my feet by my two over excited dogs. I caught up with Big Bang and Two and a Half Men while having my first decent cup of tea in two weeks and tried to fight off the tiredness. I decided to keep myself going I would visit my friends at the Mytton and enjoy the hotel’s roaring log fire. It was good to catch up and I was planning to go to the Harp later on but tiredness caught up with me and I had an early night at about 10pm.

Since then it has been pretty much work, work, work. Now it is the winter part of the morning routine involves getting at least one of the fires lit which can be a bit of a job if no-one has thought to cut any kindling the previous day and let it dry by the fires, (end of the day the logs will always get damp when stored in a stone log store which is cut into a slope and rain water will drip in under the door from the car park). What I try to do is fill the log basket up, log up around the log burner and put a dozen or so logs in from the lit fire and as they go on the fire replace from the basket and get fresh logs for the basket. By the end of the night that should mean I have sufficient dry logs to cut for kindling and start the fire the next day. Of course now it is all about the dreaded C word and frankly I’m all ready sick of hearing Mariah Carey every time I go past a shop.

In other news I have more or less completed watching David Lynch’s Twin Peaks series which proved to be a precursor to the X Files in more ways then one as in a few episodes Dale Cooper is joined on the case by fellow FBI agent Denise, a transvestite officer played by Fox Mulder himself, David Duchovney. Mulder in a long curly wig, a dress and stockings is quite a thing to take in. Once the murder of Laura Palmer is solved the show does tread water for a bit before focusing on a plot directly relating to Dale Cooper. I wonder if the pursuit of the White and Black Lodge was added y Lynch to steer the show as he was unhappy with the way it started developing. Either way the last episode is bloody weird, even by David Lynch standards! Though I do find it interesting that one of the backwards talking characters in the Red Room says “See you in 25 years”, why is that interesting? Well the show was broadcast in 1991 and it was confirmed about six weeks ago that Lynch and Frost are preparing scripts for a new 9 episode series of Twin Peaks for broadcast in 2016, 25 years later! Of course I still have the Prequel/Sequel film to watch which I have been told is much darker then the TV show and poses yet more questions. Overall I enjoyed watching Twin Peaks, it’s weird and wonderful but the problem is often not at the same time.

One thing I would like to know, what is with all this Black Friday sales nonsense her in England? We don’t have Thanksgiving so it’s just another marketing ploy to get people spending (of course if the shops lowered their prices a bit there wouldn’t be the need for the madness sales).

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