Waiting in the Wings

An Extreme Tale

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” — Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

When was the last time that sentence accurately described your life?

December 2012 was probably the last time that sentence really applied to my life. Through misinterpretation, behind my back skulduggery and blatant threat in the end I was forced into resigning from the Horseshoe Inn at Uckington after 7 and a half years of service. This was a bad thing as it meant I was unemployed over Christmas but luckily I was owed three weeks worth of holiday pay and I had a weeks pay to come. Randomly the manager then decided to make my last week garden leave (?) evidently he didn’t want customers to hear the truth from the Horse’s mouth. Another negative aspect was that my good friend Amy had a right barny at me for the situation, oh well.

But in many ways it was the best of times as it gave me my first Christmas and New Year’s Eve off since I was 17 (though I worked Christmas that year, not New Year’s Eve as I wasn’t of age to serve behind the bar). Which meant I had no stress about finding time to fit in present shopping and more importantly it gave me time to help my Nan and Granddad out over December. Granddad was very ill and as a result I was needed to do the physical labour where needed such as shopping , sorting out the garden, taking them to appointments. And for two brief magical weeks it looked as if romance was blossoming for me again, but it was not to be. A lot of unpleasant things happened that December, such as work, Granddad’s health, Sister ruining Christmas Dinner by constantly asking Granddad about his bowel movements and when he had been throwing up earlier in the week the state and content of the vomit (it’s Christmas Dinner, if you want to go all doctor there’s a GP practice down the street), but there were good things: Charity Ball (I meant to take Amy but she couldn’t get the time off, so I took my Mother to cheer her up as she’d just been made redundant and she proceeded to make me cringe with embarrassing Mum dancing), I got lots of reading done and it is when I first started speaking to a delightful young lady by the name of Katherine who is now is probably my best, if not very near the top of the list, friend.

Of course my new job was just around he corner and I was merely waiting in the wings for it to happen.


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