The Bottom of the Sock Draw

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Object of My Dejection.”

The unfinished or abandoned idea is a main stay of virtually every person on the planet, especially those of creative disposition. The mythical bottom of the Sock Draw where writers store unfinished and unused ideas is partially myth. The band Transatlantic Conversations is probably one of the biggest and ran aground due to changes in personal relationships. That being said, the spirit of Transatlantic Conversations may well find embodiment in a different concept.

“A Single Ticket to Infinity” is probably my most recent acquistion in the sock draw.  It is a short(ish) mystery involving a disappearing murder victim, an impossible train ticket, a kidnapped waitress and a young doctor who works for the secret service. I abandoned it as I ended up making it a bit too convoluted so I left it in order to distance myself from it enough to ease the rewriting process.


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