Box of Delights

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mystery Box.”

You wake up one morning to find a beautifully wrapped package next to your bed. Attached to it is a note: “Open me, if you dare.” What’s inside the mystery box? Do you open it?

It was a bizarre thing to find at the annex of my Chamber, a large cuboid object in burnt Orange coloured wrapping paper. My immediate thought was how someone had managed to deposit the item in my chamber in the first place. The dimensions of it far exceeded those of the door frame and even if held horizontally it would be impossible to manoeuvre withing as the width of the corridor was less than its height. And yet I somehow was draw to the item, I pressed my hand on the paper and felt a distinct vibration, as if what was in the parcel was alive. My curiosity got the better of me and I ripped of the paper, the pattern of which seemed to glow as I did so. Once removed I gazed upon the object held within,  I was most confused. It was a Police Box, but clearly a new design and hanging from the light was a watch which bore the legend open if you dare… Being of inquisitive nature I did and I was struck by a force of golden flame which knocked me to the floor.

Hours later….

I woke up with some pain in my head,  I believe a human would call it a hangover but alcohol does not affect my metabolism unless I allow it. I smiled at the old girl standing there, faithful as ever. Well, old girl I wonder what has got you to abandon my cover. I heard rumours of a mounting threat from Skaro,  a potential Time War. But the Daleks wouldn’t be daft enough to start such a war would they?


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