In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “My Hero.”

Who’s your hero? Tell us a story about why that person plays such an important role in your life.

My hero? Well I’m sticking this firmly in the real world and it is probably of no surprise to people who know me that my hero, idol, Yoga or whatever term you prefer, is the late great titan of the Tenor Saxophone John Coltrane. The first time I heard him was on a compliation album and it had the title track of Blue Train as one of the tracks. As the track opened I was blown away by the track with almost noirish tone and the fascinating improvisations by Trane kept me glued and not only did it probably cement my love of Jazz but also inspired meto finally pick up a musical instrument and it was quite logical that it be the saxophone. Whether it be as a sideman or as leader Trane has never really disappointed, whether it be in his more hard bop orientated era, his more experimental cum spiritual works or his ascent onto free form. For me John Coltrane taught me that music is a vast gateway onto multiple levels of thought and perception. Thanks to Coltrane you cpuld really say I have made an ascension.


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