Well like the new council bypass of destiny approaching the woodland of fate I see 2014 has passed.

The last Sunday of 2014 was Hannah’s 18th, Hannah being our young waitress and it was a busy night and I was filled with a little trepidation. Now I am mentioning this for a reason and dear reader for what I am about to say my get you to raise your eyebrows in a dismissive “oh yes” kind of manner. But as a rational and scientific guy like myself I would like to say that it was a phantasmagorical occurence but it seemed too real for that. So it would seem I was visited by some would call a spirit (I prefer the idea of a being from another realm, a shadow dimension if you like) while staying over at the Kyn, I was woken up by what sounded like a truck crashing through the wall of the pub and a very bright flash of flame and to find essentially a very tall silhouetted figure towering above the curtain rail… I know we talked about something and it involved little Hannah as I had a sudden image of her implanted in my mind. Quite what was said I am not sure but I am fairly certain I made some kind of deal involving her. I am hoping if there is any validity in this encounter I sincerely hope I have made a similar style that happened between the titular character and Wolfram & Hart in the finale of the fourth season of Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer superior spin off series Angel in which the titular character makes a deal to give his son a really family and childhood.

Somehow I managed to bag New Year’s Eve off which wasn’t too bad so I called in a local pub to see what was going on and it turned out the Entertainment there was a (somewhat out of season) Wet T-Shirt competition with a slight twist in that it was for both genders. In paying entry which gave you a ticket for a free drink on top of entry charge but also put you in a raffle where you could get picked to take part in the entertainment, well there is no way in hell I am telling you the rest of that story. After the entertainment died down I did end up going to the Kynn to ring in the new year and listen to the bluesgrass/folk guy we’d hired for the evening, he’s called Big Joe Bone he is rather good. Now Hannah is 18 she can legally serve behind the bar without supervision and she surprisingly has taken to it really quickly. I think I may try and make her my little bar protégée to fill in when I’m away and when I move on. Maybe that is what the shadow spectre meant, I was concerned it was trying to warn me about something bad going to happen at her 18th.

Christmas at the Kynn was a good day, it ran much smoother and more focused then last year and we were all out by 6pm at the latest (purely because I decided to have a pint before returning home) and the Christmas at home went ok. My sister was drunk (on about two glasses of plonk, hehe damn light weight) and spent the entire meal rabbiting on and on and on and on, at one point her boyfriend tried to shut her up by clamping his hand over her mouth. It didn’t work. As an adult Christmas isn’t that much fun anymore and there isn’t anything gifts wise I’d asked for (if I want something I tend to buy it myself) so it does tend to become a protracted evening. I mostly got beer, but one gift in particular I did like was from Katherine which was a disappearing TARDIS coffee (you pour a hot drink in and the TARDIS arrives) which was rather cool. I may have gone a bit overboard for her as I got her a few trinkets from Cuba, some perfume, a book on interpreting dreams and some runes. Post Christmas was as I stated previous. The Saturday I went down to Ironbridge with my pal Neil and we had a few drinks at the Golden Ball before going down to the Robin Hood and smoking some fat Cuban Cigars en route. It was a fun evening all in all, with plenty of ideas exchanged over writing projects.

Well for new year I didn’t make any resolutions but set myself a to do list which will appear in due course upon these hallowed pages.

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