A Death in the Family


    Someone once said in regard to dogs, they may only be with you for part of your life but you are there for all of their life. A sentiment which struck very true today as this morning my eldest dog, Lady Day, was diagnosed as having a brain tumour or had a stroke and had to be put to sleep. A heart wrenching and unexpected occurance made doubly worse that there was no way I could stay with her in her last moments due to work commitments.  She died cuddled in my mother’s arms and went without suffering.  What makes things worse is work shift patterns and vet appointments meant the last time I saw her was Wednesday when it first became apparent there was a problem.      Wednesday she lying next to my bed and I assumed she was just being lazy (we often called her lazy Lady as she was soooo laid back at times) but when she stood up she walked as if she were someone walking home from the pub and she permanently looked to her right and barely lifted her head up and down. So we took her to the vets and I assumed she had fallen off the bed and hurt her neck. Vet thought it was a probability and issued some pain killers and arranged for an X Ray on Thursday. We took her home and put her in her basket and gave her a drink of water. Then she staggered into the middle of the living room and and lost her footing, but kept her head up, again leading us to suspect she had hurt her neck. We wonder if we’d had some dodgy dog food as our other dog Ben had been a little poorly over the weekend, loose faeces and he’d been sick a few times and since Lady was so much smaller we wondered if it was that.
   Well X-Ray was inconclusive so this morning it was back to the Vet for sn MRI. My Dad called in at work to tell ne the bad news, Lady had a brain tumour and there was no choice but to put her down. Normally on a Friday I’d have a second person out front with me but for reasons out of my control I was alone and couldn’t bail for an hour. I did ask if they could hold off until I went on my break but 30 minutes later I was got a phone call from Dad telling me that she was getting worse and they had to think of her. I never got ti say goodbye to her and the last time I saw her was Wednesday afternoon as I cuddled her as she cried. This was the second hardest work shift I have done to date. When I got home poor old Ben was clearly distressed and sniffing around,  he must have known she was gone gone but I think he still catches her scent. We gave him lots of cuddles and he looked a little scared, we assured him he had done nothing wrong.  Have to see how it goes with him next few weeks as he has never been without another dog around him for more than a few days. He’ll be lonely.  Losing Lady was a lot different to losing Vila. Vila was 14 and a half and was diagnosed with cancer just after he turned 14, which is a good innings for a dog anyway so we knew he wasn’t long for this workd, but Lady was six and a picture of life only three days previously. I’m going to miss her a lot.


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