Another Brick in the Wall

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Teacher’s Pet.”

Ooh I could mention a lot of Teachers who have had an influence on me but if a named a few I would probably risk a libel suit (as it appears to be a crime  to be the underdog), especially from one in particular whom is a mover and shaker in the local council, though he got taken down a peg or two after throwing his toys out the metaphorical pram when he lost a local election and exposed his true colours and publicy ranting that people were only voting for a different party because they didn’t like the Prime Minister.  Nothing to do people voting for who they want to…

I guess the only Teacher who really influenced would have been my Geology teacher Frank Mugglestone who was a bit of an old school professer but did have quite a mischievous streak to him which came to the fore on field trips. Ah joyous memories of two trips to the west coast USA…

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