What Happened On New Year

Well if you read my entry Terminal you’ll know a little about this story in that I said I wouldn’t tell it. Well I changed my mind.

   Well I went to a local pub on NYE and entry included a nomination for the evening’s entertainment which was a mixed gender wet T-shirt competition.  The tickets were drawn out of a hat and to my dismay my ticket came up abd despite trying to wriggle out of it, I was taken to the staff room where I was given a pub T-Shirt, a pair of shorts and umderpants and given a briefing on what the routine was. Now I assumed like the girls I’d simply be stripping down to my underpants… this was not the case. No, us men were to take our underwear off making me very nervous.  So for a fifteen minutes which felt like forever I waited off stage dreading my call to stage. I was called up and my performance began, luckily I was allowed to choose my music and I went for Charles Mingus’ Fables of Faubus and tried my best to dance in a burlesque style.  The shower was warm at least, but taking a sodden T-Shirt off is harder than you think and I messed that up a little.  Then it came to the shorts which was easier then I thought and then came the awkward moment, removing my underwear. Now in my misspent college days I did perform in a play in which I appeared nude  briefly,  but this felt different.  So as I slowly edged my under pants off I was very nervous and kept my back to the audience until the last minute, then I swallowed and took a deep breath and faced the audience.  It was a weird mix of nervousness and a thrill but I was quite glad when I was given a robe and allowed to dry off and get dressed. 
  On the plus side I came second and got 60 pounds for my trouble.


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