In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Last Words.”

You have the chance to write one last post on your blog before you stop blogging forever. Write it.

Interesting concept.

Last Words: Every culture and religion honours them in someway or another.

So last blog… I don’t think I could write a final blog entry deliberately. I think your final entry should be final not out of choice but out of design. We all have great ambitions as to what we want our final words to be which is what the verisimilitude of the prompt really points to, but it never really happens that way. So my  last blog would be something ordinary like commenting on a film or a jazz gig as ultimately your last blog should reflect who you are and what you write naturally… so you can’t artificially write your last prompt in a true sense. I could write a coda to serve as a closing point, but that would be my true last entry as it would be posted by proxy to say farewell.

Or I’d just end on a song. Like this one:


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