Pressure Point

Unwittingly it would seem I have let another month sweep by without doing a proper update so without further ado I will get one with it.

Workwise it has been okay, Gareth is settling in now in his management position and there have been a few noticeable changes such as things getting fixed and guess what, we even managed a staff get together on a Monday night which was fun. We went to the local bowling alley which was fun for the most part except the bowling only serves larger (or fizzy europiss as McAlister describes it). I’m not really into bowling but it was a good chance for us all to socialise and let our hair down a bit; as usually I smartened myself up by donning what I called my Jimi Hendrix shirt (due to its rather odd pattern), waist coat, Blue Velvet Jacket and a cravat… everyone else came in there scrubs, oh well. It was a good night but due to a combination of shite Lager, fine real ales and just been a bit ropey I bailed quite early on, which resulted in me tripping up and smashing my glasses. Bugger another bill to pay.

Missy Dog is typical Puppy at the moment, a 90 mile per hour tornado of teeth and dung or she’s asleep. Still very excitable she does tend to crawl up me when sitting on my lap. On the less positive side she’s plaguing Ben somewhat terrible, in some cases some much he runs off and hides on a bed. She has a habit or pawing his snout and as you can imagine he isn’t very happy about this and has growled a few times at her and once incident knocked her down with his paw. It isn’t all bad as she has settle to sleep on him a few times and he hasn’t been too bothered. He was a bit jealous of her at first but I think he realises he has big dog privileges like biscuits, the full roam of the house and sleeping on beds.

My knee is still playing up somewhat which is rather annoying, I’ve been doing my physio but it seems to have fallen back, I’m guessing due to the cramped conditions on the flight home from Cuba. Also I am getting other pains such as my shoulder and neck to go along with my usual backpain. Also noticed that I keep getting cold feet (actual cold feet, not my lack of not telling ‘Rose’ how I feel or trying a go for broke with Lizzie sort of cold feet), generally feeling tired a lot and seemingly getting very thirsty at times. I’m definitely turning into an old man aren’t I?

Other Work stuff well, due to some random planning by boss Nick it seems two weeks after he started Gareth had a stag week booked (he wanted to start post stag) so for a brief amount of time we had Tom back for a week, while it was good to see Tom there did seemed to be more tension in the air when he is about. Due to complicated reasons I did end up having to do one final stop over Sunday just gone. Well least this time around the flat is fully furnished and it actually feels like a place you’d want to stay in. I ended up sleeping on the floor due to a bit of confusion as to which was the guest room, my instinct said the far one as there was the old sofa halfway across the hallway… not exactly what you’d put en route to the master bedroom. Did my back and knee a bit of good though so it’s not all bad. Even better is that the sign is fixed so being woken up by the sound of the sign flapping in the wind, plus I had no visitations by the shadow giant either.

We have our first of what hopefully will be many musical gigs at the Kyn, this was acoustic/light rock/indie guitarist Joe Seager who was very good playing a good mix of classics, contemporary songs and a few of his own. Now I knew it was going to be fairly busy but I don’t think any of us anticipated quite HOW busy it was going to be. Talk about reaching pressure point, I think I went up and down the stairs to the cellar more times in that night then I did for the entire month of January! If I wasn’t in shape before I worked at these places I certainly will be by the time I finish I can tell you.

I’ve only been the flicks once since my last update and this was to see Project Almanac. A pretty good time travel movie, which once you get used to the directorial style is rather good. The whole thing is hot on a handheld camera to give the impression of the film being a video diary, which does make some of the visual effects more impressive. There is a rather twee Brainy geeky student falls for the pretty girl across the lunch hall subplot which due to the nature of the film plays out four ways. The film makers have clearly thought the logistics of the film through and takes into consideration both the Blinovitcal Limitation Effect and a classic temporal paradox which effectively resets the film at the end. In a few ways it is a little like Groundhog Day with consequences, as the guys continual use of time travel causes events to change in the present and a nexus point. Good film, one I perhaps would have enjoyed more had I been a teenager watching it, but never mind the cinema now serves beer so I watched the movie drinking a pint of Old Speckled Hen (bottled of course).

Books wise I have read Rob Grant’s Backwards which is an original novel based on the TV series Red Dwarf, although it uses a couple of elements from episodes of the TV series it is very much its own novel and although much more bleak in tone still manages to be quite funny. Elements from the episodes Dimension Jump and Gunmen of the Apocalypse are used as starting points and expanded on greatly, though admittedly the final part of the book though fun, does feel like a bit of padding to keep the page count up. I have a few autobiographies to read at the moment; “Who’s Next” by Derrick Sherwin, “Possibilities” by Herbie Hancock and To Be or Not to Bop by Dizzy Gillespie.

That’s all for now folks. Music at the Harp will be covered in my next entry.


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