Don’t Fear the Reaper

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “In Loving Memory.”

   Write your own obituary

Reginald Nick Edward Llewellyn de Vere Griffiths, or Nick as he preferred to call himself, Neg or Bird to his friends.

Mr Griffiths led a somewhat unusual and eccentric life and it is fitting somewhat that his demise should match the vagaries of his life.

Known for his love of real ale which was a driving force between a lot of his paid employment in his early adult life. A passion which stood strong and would result in frustrations when events transpired against him to fore fill this need whether it be a his strong support for CAMRA’s LocAle campaign which not only boosted business for local breweries but also encouraged people to try new things. “What is the point of drinking in a Shropshire pub if you can’t get a local ale?” was a muse which drove Nick’s bar life. His quirky sense of humour and vast spectrum of unusual facts was often a source of amusement and entertainment and colleagues alike.

A complicated man whom had no qualms admitting his flaws and mistakes but always had a strong faith in bouncing back whether it take two hours or ten years to fix a mistake a case which would prove to come to fruition upon, as he put it, “tracking down the right Gardiner”.

Fond of creative endeavours, Nick was always coming up with ideas for stories, plays, songs etc, many of which were never finished or used but those which were offer an interesting slice of Nick’s view on the world. Having done stints on both sides of the theatrical world it is perhaps telling that a lot his prose style was very descriptive.

But throughout his adult life, Nick’s passion was Jazz. His journals are chock a block with reviews and thoughts on Jazz albums and artists and he also made a gallant attempt at preserving the details of live music gigs which would otherwise be lost in the sands of time.

For this alone, Nick will be greatly missed.

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