Where the Sycamores grow and the Daffodils have their fun

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Places.”

Beach, mountain, forest, or something else entirely?

Ok that is a bit vague. Are those supposed to be the multiple choice answers on a French exam? The name of a bizarre but influential Prog-Rock Album by Soft Machine or the Greatful Dead?? A metaphysical self help book??? Come on guys throw me a bone here.

I’ll take this as my preferred location for a get away or retirement.  I’d probably take up the forest as I like the laid back atmosphere of the countryside and there is also plenty to do on activity level. The forest is a technokothica of abundant life in both Flora and Fauna forms, so that would keep my scientific side occupied. The forest also provides plenty of physical options, while I am bit too old to go around climbing trees again (as an adult that is only acceptable if you are old and a have a penchant for wearing Wellies and green woollen hats), but there are plenty of walking opportunities and possibly near by water bodies.

     It was once said that the forest was a deep rooted subconscious nightmare for the human race, but I disagree. I would argue that the forest is not so much the nightmare as the safety jacket.  In all those folk tales about people getting lost in the forest is it not the Gingerbread house style plot device which tempts the protagonists out of the safety of the forest?  The forest provides food, the ability to create shelter and ample opportunity to hide.

  It is worth noting also how when sinister events are attached to tree based enclosures they are always referred to as woods as opposed to forests. The two terms, certainly for me anyway,  conjure up two completely different mental images. A forest to me is lush green and in full bloom of life, a joyous place filled with optimism and hope. A wood to me conjours up a dark place with dying trees, bare branches and malformed shadows.


2 thoughts on “Where the Sycamores grow and the Daffodils have their fun

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