Where Everybody Knows Your Name

It’s been a while since I last updated and a fair few things have gone on. Here is an account about some of them.

Work wise things have been… interesting shall we say. The trip to the Three Tuns didn’t exactly go according to plan due to an administration error at the bus company who for some reason got the time wrong and were 75 minutes late. A consequence of this is that a large proportion of the people going were unable to go as this put everything back dramatically and as most people worked the next day an 11:30 return to the Kyn was not viable. Those who did go however had a great time, it was a very informative evening and much ale was consumed… and a lot more had been consumed before the trip due to the bus being late. There were a few hangovers next day I can assure you. Visiting my friends at the Mytton and Mermaid the next day I momentarily transformed into Special Agent Dale Cooper drinking damn fine coffee, alas there was no cherry pie. They are a good crowd at the Mytton, it is nice to to a place where everyone knows your name.

Elsewhere at work we have been road testing a few ales to be our resident and finally settled on an ale brewed by the Wood’s Brewery. It is a very nice 3.8% pale ale and has proved to be very popular, I have even managed to convert a number of lager drinkers to it as well. A bonus to this is that as the beer is less gassy they get less filled and have had an increase in the sales of bar snacks, leading us to expand the range to include Pork Pies, Bombs Mix and various other roasted nut variants.
Easter went very well with the Monday being an exceptional example, poor old Victoria got the brunt of it as there was a huge amount of trade in the evening and I was merrily sipping beer with the delectable Lizzie at the Oaken Arms. Day trade was pretty good too, although a customer did make a rather silly error. I’d popped into the cellar for something or other and when I returned I checked on one of the tables. I asked if they needed anymore and the man replied “No it’s okay, your daughter is on it.” So I nodded and went off and then did the double take; daughter? What daughter? I don’t have a daughter, at that moment little Hannah passed by with a glass of wine. Quite how on Earth anyone could think Hannah is my daughter I don’t know. It isn’t like we have any passing similarities in appearance and on top of that I’d have to have been 14 when to father her! I think a D cap is in order for one customer.

Entertainment wise, well I haven’t been to the cinema for a bit as there is nothing on at the moment I really fancy seeing. I have no desire what-so-ever to see 50 Shades of Grey, a film which essentially is saying “actually Dennis Hopper’s character in Blue Velvet should be called the hero”. Had Christian Grey been a poor man living in a caravan it wouldn’t be called ‘romance’ it’d be an episode of ‘Taggart’. I did wonder about seeing Insurgent but since I haven’t seen the previous movie I did wonder if I would be able to follow it, so I gave it a miss. There are some interesting films coming out soon though, so I’m sure these pages will be filled once again with film reviews.

The new season of Grimm is continuing to be a delight, although the whole Wesenrine plot I feel ended too predictably and was rather sledgehammer-like it getting the well meaning message of tolerance across.
Two and a Half Men finale was frankly a major let down. The episode hinges on Charlie still being alive and having been kept locked up by Rose for a hell of a long time and him finally escaping… the problem with this is that the episode is a dramatic build up to Charlie coming back, and of course it doesn’t happen. Like Ashes to Ashes, the focus on the absent character and his failure to appear at the end damages the whole thing. But Ashes to Ashes did at least manage to have a interesting and rewarding twist in other errors, a creative spark Two and a Half Men lacked. It was nice to see the brief reappearance of Angus T Jones as Jake and the cameos by Christian Slater and Arnie, but on the whole the show limped to the finish line rather then go out with a blaze of glory. Plus the Road Runner inspired finale scene…

Recently I have been watching reruns of the much loved American bar based sitcom Cheers, which in some ways has dated a little but is still rather entertaining. From a bar perspective there is a lot of difference in the lifestyle and attitude between the USA and UK drinking trade although some types of customer are clearly universal. These are evidently early episodes of the series as Frasier is yet to appear. Not belly laughs, but it is certainly an entertaining show.

I’ll post a separate entry about my visits to the Harp, so for now toodly-bye.


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