In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “BYOB(ookworm).”

Good lord, just the blurb for one of my books? Well there are several ways to do this, so here we go.

   Ted is in a rut. Tired of his dull day to day life, his job and his partners almost bully like control of his choices, dreams his escape onto the band stand of his local jazz club.

Ellie, his partner has other ideas. Nagging him into running up the ladder of command in the coffee shop and conforming to the system in order to fund her constant need for education.

When the chance for opening up his own place arrives, horns are locked but Ted insists on going through. Soon Ted becomes number one suspect in a murder case and flees to prove his innocence. A challenge in which hopes will rise and fall, desires are enflamed and friends become enemies. For Ted needs to find the murderer before the murderer finds him….


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