If you are reading this repeat, the scene with the waitress has been edited out

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Nightmares.”

Welll since I covered Nightmares in the Post Orson Welles Ripped My Heart Out, I will go in nightmares which are very tangible.

It is interesting how a term about fictional events in the mind has been adjusted to situations of, often not bad, trouble. Yesterday I described watering the Pub’s hanging baskets as a nightmare due to the ridicules amount of physical preperation to do a very simple job. Quite why it was decided to hang the baskets seven and a half feet in the air, I do not know. But twenty minutes assemble the jet, connecting the hose pipe and having a whooping great trip hazard encircleing the place as if were trying to invoke a Gardener’s Hex. Not a nightmare as such, just an irritant. Most things in the physical world which are called nightmares are simply irritations. It devalues the word…. how can a traffic jam being comparable to the tragedy of terminal health, being declared bankrupt or a Tory election victory?

We have a Tory government, the darkness begins…..

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