Not Tom Brown School Days

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fifteen Credits.”

They say (you know, “they who do say”) that your School days are the best days of your life. I hope this isn’t true as that means my entire life is going to be a huge cesspool of disappointment. In fact I can assure you that I have had much better experiences and happier times since leaving school.

I came to conclusion that the perpetrator of the myth that your School Days are your best days must be one of three individuals:

1. A physical manifestation of a character from Tom Brown’s School Days or one of the ripping School Years from the various story magazines from the early 20th century.

2. A subversive pathological liar who wants to distil a downward spiral of unhappiness upon the youth for his own sadistic pleasure.

3.  Some lucky  so and so who never went to School and has this Utopian idea of the School room distilled from reading the previously mentioned yarns of old.

What is there to miss? Bullying teachers taking adverse enjoyment from going out their way to make you uncomfortable.

The constant harassment by the majority of the pupils?

The ridiculous adherence to over the top and often contradictory series of School rules.?

I finished school 16 years ago, which is half my life ago and frankly, School takes up far too much time of the first part of your life.

4 thoughts on “Not Tom Brown School Days

  1. I especially liked #2 on your list. I hope that this does not mean I have a personality disorder… I am a teacher. But I felt the same way about school when I was going there too.


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