“You cannot rewrite history, not one line. “

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Revisionist History.”

The title words were immortalised by the late great William Hartnell in the 1964 Doctor Who story “The Aztecs”,   in which by reasons of MacGuffin one of his companions is mistaken to be the reincarnation of an Aztec priest.  The plot arc here is driven by his companion’s desire to change the beliefs of the Aztec people and prevent their destruction by the Spanish and Cortez.

So the topic of this prompt is changing history;  more significantly your own personal history.  Let’s assume that the Grandfather Paradox won’t come into play here and it would be feasible.  I believe this could be a very dangerous game to play as we couldn’t possibly know the consequences of what would happen.  Think of your timeline as a piece of badly hung wallpaper,  with air bubbles representing your mistakes.  You push one down and what happens?  Either the paper rips leaving a scar or three more bubbles pop up elsewhere.  Let’s examine the first idea,  I go back in time and say stop myself from messing things up with Andrea which I believe to be what Steven Moffat would call a fixed point in time. Pushing that down would cause a rip and damage to the fabric of time and what happens to damaged bits of wall?  They get contaminated and the rest of the wall begins to atrophy.  If I didn’t upset Andrea I wouldn’t have developed depression.  This may sound like a good thing but would it be?  As a consequence I would not have to of re addressed what I wanted from her,  I wouldn’t have started dating and as a result I probably would have clung to a rose tainted ideal of a Transatlantic business venture. I wouldn’t have met Pip who in turn gave me the strength to stand up and say no.  I probably wouldn’t have dated Mary whom if anything I did help boost her own confidence. Not too mention how financially things would be different for Andrea and I had we continued our plan.

So let’s look at another point whichI believe would reflect my second analogy.  What if I decided not to end things with Mary?  Now this is an interesting one as there were issues in our relationship which needed to addressed and weren’t.  Now,  when I decided to politely call it a day on our romantic relationship it was one of the hardest decisions of my life to date. If I didn’t what would have happened?  Well on the plus side I would of had a confidant for my ills at work but on the other hand I think the issues which needed addressing would not have been addressed.  Bubble pressed down more rise.  There would have been a difficulty when my now second best friend Amy came up to visit.  My intentions were pure with Amy,  in fact one of the reasons she visited was to try and fix the problems between Mary and I. So I have a feeling a passive aggressive arguement would have risen there,  but more was to come.  Then there was later her random holiday to Spain with a guy called Tim whom she had known for years and they ended up sleeping together. Considering the difficult few months after we split I think this holiday would have still happened as would its consequences.  Also,  I still don’t think Mary believes that nothing happened between Amy and I. So that’s new bubble number one.  Bubble two would be the decline of Mary’s health and that of my Grandfather’s.  To have to deal with both would be a big strain not to mention the bad blood regarding my enforced resignation from the Horseshoes,  so more pain and grief.  Possibly much worse.

In short,  to fix your past mistakes is pretty much a Gingerbread house.  Your past mistakes are much a part of your person as an arm or leg.  To quote Kerr Avon:

“Regret is part of being alive,  but keep it a small part. “

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