Before any one starts worrying that I have  taken an urge to start taking class A narcotics I reassure you not a single non-legal drug has passed my lips. My title reference is a partial reference to the Eric Clapton song of the same name but mostly due to an amusing misreading of a carton of fruit juice after work one night. After a long night at work I got home and fancied something light to refresh myself before I had my evening meal, so I proceed to the fridge and found a carton of what essentially is a virgin Pina Colanda; Rubicon Pineapple Juice and Coconut juice. Being a little tired after a long day I misread the label and took a double take as for some reason I misread it as “Rubicon Pineapple Juice and Cocaine”… well I’m certain that there would be a very different feeling after I’d drank that!

I have a bit of a mix playing on the Jukebox as I type so I’ll keep you updated as the writing goes along, (first up is Frank Sinatra: One for My Baby). The office is a bit like an amalgamation of Kathy, Amy and Lizzie: very hot, I have a chilled glass of Ginger Beer next to me too offer myself refreshment and the window is wide open so I think I shall cope.. just about. It has been a slow due to my limitation on the forward motion facilities so I haven’t done a lot to write about so this may be a very dull entry, but I’ll start off with a chance encounter of a film I haven’t seen since my last year at Primary School (that’s English for Elementary School): Wayne’s World 2. This turned out to be a lot funnier then I recall it being before, but this may well be that at 32 I picked up on jokes which would have flown right over my head back in the day. For example the “I’m holding a fund raiser at the Comrade Club, being the comrade club it is of course a Communist party,” and various film in-jokes which aren’t overtly telegraphed, plus some post modern self awareness. Always amused me no end how much Garth looks like a mate of mine’s dad!

Recently I am trying to get the older of my dogs, Ben, on a weight loss program as after a short break my neighbour who was helping look after him over fed him! His weight is slowly going down but he is a little off colour of late. Not ill as such but moping around a lot, though he has perked up after having a few walks in his own with out Missy about. I think he is getting fed up with Missy trying to get in on everything… sits on my lap she jumps on too. Missy, she’s full of energy but lets just say we’ve attributed her the name Missy Poopey-Pants, I think you can guess why.

Ma’ Reiney’s Big Black Bottom performed by George Melly with Mick Mulligan’s Magnolia Jazz Band is now playing on the jukebox, an innuendo-ridden song about a early 20th Century dance. To kill a bit of time I Tuesday I popped up to the local Wetherspoons, the Thomas Botfield, for a few beers, it may not be Jazz Club 90 or have the homely feel of the Cock Hotel but it does have a good selection of ales at a very reasonable price. It’s only about 25 minutes walk there so it was good to stretch my legs and listened to a few tracks from my Amazon Cloud. I mostly drank the beer that had from the Titanic Brewery, their beers are always very flavoursome and go down well… so they should being called Titanic. I mused mainly on recent events and read a little bit of my book, but mostly caught up with some blog reading which I have been neglecting of late.

I’ve replaced my Ginger Beer with a bottle of Banks’s Bitter, not exactly the Lamborghini of ales I know, more a Morris Marina but its a relatively easy drinking beer for a warm Summer’s Night. The weather has been very changeable here at the moment with one day it being blistering heat and the next it be hissing it down with rain, welcome to the English Summer. Perhaps the weather is mourning the loss of John Steed actor Patrick Macnee…

Music now is an album I purchased from Upton this year: Party Seven by the Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band, an album consisting of originals and amusingly is listed to be “Filed Under Rhythm & Blues/ Drunk”, the opening track is called Birdman of Barley Mow and as with a few other tracks, there is a lot of boozey shenanigans taking place in the lyrics.
I haven’t been to the Cinema for a few weeks now which is rather odd as there a few films I would like to have seen/see. There are a couple of what I will call popcorn movies which I intend to see, namely the latest entry in the Terminator franchise “Terminator: Zimmerframe”, (seriously surely by now they should have abandoned Arnie as the title character or at least do something like he plays the guy the Terminator was modelled on) and Jurassic World. I did think of seeing the documentary film Amy, which as the name suggested is a documentary about Amy Winehouse, the most recent musician to join club 27. It would have been an insightful (and probably depressing) look at a figure whom got media attention for all the wrong reasons (it isn’t like Ms Winehouse had a monopoly on alcohol and drug issues is it?), but I there is something a little strange about going to the cinema to see a documentary. There looks to be a couple interesting films coming soon, I must admit I will indulge myself in a guilty pleasure and watch the Man from UNCLE film when it airs… I used to watch reruns of the TV Show on BBC2 on a Friday evening in my early teens in a slot which could be best described as the nostalgia slot. They’d repeat an old sitcom like The Adams Family or the Munsters (though sadly, or perhaps, fortunately not Mister Ed), which would be 25 minute show as the BBC has no commercial breaks during programmes here in Blightly, after this they’d show a classic spy or crime series like the Man from UNCLE, The Champions, Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) or the New Avengers. It was a nice escape and lead into the weekend after a busy school week and completing the easy bits of Friday’s homework. During the week it’d be Teenage Girly shows like Sweet Valley High or My So-Called Life followed by… bear in mind the audience for those shows… one of three Star Trek series.

Now from drunken Jazz to something a tad more sophisticated, O Sole Mio by Tenor-Sax giant cum Bluto the Sailor lookalike Joe Lovano, from his album Viva Caruso which as the name suggests is a Jazz tribute to the opera singer Caruso.
This coming Friday marks my Nan’s 90th Birthday and since it is such a significant occasion we are taking her out for a meal, this may seem like a relatively simple thing to do but it isn’t. I work in the Pub Trade and Friday is a busy day in it, especially the evening so I’ve booked it off as requested. So I tell my family I’ve booked it off and they decide that means I booked the entire day off… quite why this has come about I don’t know as it was clearly discussed it would be the evening! So it looks like the booking has been made early evening… which doesn’t make sense as my sister is working in her practice until 1pm and if she attends she’d have to drive down from Chester… which she does very slowly and frankly since for a long time my sister thought John O’Groats was in Cornwall, I’m surprised she’s ever found Tipton! So a relatively easy event has somehow turning into a situation more convoluted than a JJ Abrams movie!

As my final paragraph begins, the jukebox has switched to Robbie Williams performing “Swing Supreme”, which is a big band version of one his earlier pop hits which was then simply titled “Supreme”. Do I have any major plans for the week? Not really, I may try and grab a few trips to the cinema Monday/Tuesday but other then that nothing much, probably catch up with some reading and do a few daily prompts.


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