10 Short of a Century

Another week gone by and not a lot to report.

When not chasing up insurance forms I have been idling away to myself, my plan to go to the cinema didn’t happen and I just ended up going to the nearby ‘spoons just for a change of scenery. During my afternoon breaks I have been watching the E4 Big Bang Theory top 20 which has been quite fun,  my favourite episode still has to the episode where Leonard, Raj and Howard camp out to see some meteorites but unwittingly get themselves high on pot brownies, while Sheldon ends up taking an injured Penny to A & E. No, it isn’t my favourite because it has a naked Penny in it….  now if it were Amy Farrah-Fowler or Bernadette…. Ahem.

Nan’s 90th. Well after the mix up last week it all went swimmingly save for one minor slip up. Basically the Pub we took her too, the Bell at Trysull, serves from 5pm at least and is very popular and for whatever reason the previous table took a bit longer than anticipated, not normally a problem for us but we do have a 90 year old with us so we ended up waiting at a small unoccupied table for about ten minutes. Not really a long time to wait and you can’t rush people who are eating can you. Being a Holden’s Pub the core ales were Golden Glow, Black Country Bitter and their monthly special ale which for this occasion was called  ‘Av It. They also had Bathams’ Best Bitter and Burton Bridge Stairway. I sampled all four of the ales…  the latter two as market research to see if they’d take at the Kynn.

It was a very large menu with plenty of choice so I settled on the breaded Mozzarella Sticks to start, the Mexican Chilli for my main (though it had beans and really Chilli doesn’t have beans. I didn’t go all Sheldon. Honestly) and to close I had the Chocolate Fudge Brownie for pudding which was served with Mint Custard. Nan surprisingly had three courses which were the Leek and Potato Soup, the small Gammon and Apple Pie and Custard for pudding.  It was quite funny to watch my sister get wasted, on a single flute of Prossecco, “blondes get drunk quicker” she insisted. Yeah whatever you light-weight, I like how despite me clearly being able to hold my drink she has to make a pop at me “well you’ve probably got a fatty liver as dad has so you shouldn’t drink.” The anti-fun agenda rises again I see.  After dinner we went back to Nan’s for presents and the cutting of the birthday cake. It had been a long day and we were back at home for 1am and believe me, sleep did not escape me.

Yeah, not a huge update but hey ho.

And Finally

Showing my inner Sheldon of anticipation:


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