Style Like It Is 1929

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Style Icon.”

Interviewer: Nick how would describe your personal taste and style?

Me: Vulgar.

Interviewer: I see you are a simply and straight forward man.

Me: No, I’m cunning and devious.

Me at a job interview for a job I knew I didn’t want the minute I met walked in the place.

When asked about my style I can’t really say I have one, probably Anacronistic. Funky Ties, a penchant for hats and a love of mock Victorian/Edwardian clothing doesn’t really classify as a style really as, ties aside, I rarely wear them. I have two velvet jackets, three tweed jackets,  a few paisley shirts and a small number of cravats which get outings on special occasions but the retro steampunk style doesn’t grace my body as much as I would like it. I guess smart casual describes my day to day clothes style.

Talking style like my writing style has often been described as old fashioned,  I’m not sure if that was meant in a positive or negative way but for me it feels like a compliment. Speech wise I do tend roll my r’s a little and occasionally elongate my vowels, but if there was a particular aspect to my speech pattern it would probably be that I like a nice soliloquy.

But if it is style you want, you need to follow this lady:


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