Ink & Incapacity

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Tattoo….You?.”

I don’t have any Tattoos, though I have thought about it a few times but as of the moment I am ink free.. well aside from ingesting some fountain pen ink when my pen burst at school. I don’t have any particular issue for or against Tattoos,  but I think that I have been put off by their permanent presence and that it might hurt.

What I don’t like about Tattoos is the way they prompt out the opinions of the self righteous and narrow minded who seem to think it is up to them to say what people do with their own bodies. The cries of “trampstamp” or “body being a temple” thrown out are no better than hurling out ‘nigger’ or ‘raghead’ and is essentially bullying.  Plus if the body is a temple,  aren’t temples better with decoration???

I know a number of Tattooed people and often the tattoos have some personal significance, Kathy’s are a momento mori to her grandparents,  John’s were a band of brothers group tattoo and then there is Mary’s friend Kate who has thoroughly embraced the skin art wholeheartedly.  Perhaps too wholeheartedly as she has had some bad tattoos done and has frequently had to get new tattoos to hide the bad ones. I dated a girl called Hayley who attempted to encourage me to get one… Aside from Tattoos she had a penchant for taking risqué pictures of herself which..  was nice.

If I got one? The Seal of Rassilon or a sax with wings I guess


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