35 Great Drinking Words and Synonyms for ‘Drunk’

Adding some of my favorite drunk synonyms:

Shedding (as in the shed has fallen down and taken most of the fence with it)
Tired and Emotional
All Red-eyed and bushy tongued

Interesting Literature

Some interesting synonyms for ‘drunk’, plus other useful words relating to drinking

There are few words that have more colourful synonyms than ‘drunk’, ‘intoxicated’, ‘soused’, ‘pickled’ – whatever you choose to call a state of alcohol-induced inebriation. Writers have often drawn on these synonyms for intoxication, and have even added or popularised some of their own. For instance, the great comic writer P. G. Wodehouse, as we revealed in our post on 10 great words he coined, invented one or two. But this is our list of some of the more unusual and descriptive terms for states of drunkenness. So grab a glass of your favourite tipple and imbibe these fine words.

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