I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free

Daily Prompt: Wishing Wells.

    For those of a certain age the title of this entry will forever be associated with the film review series presented by Barry Norman. Those older will no doubt think more of the vocal version by Nina Simone and the whippersnappers of today will no doubt think of the version by Ellie Golding.

So here we with the Daily Prompt which brings up the subject of wishing wells, or rather in this case fountains, which I shall treat as a translation convention as the Well is more a tradition here in Blighty.

Have I ever dropped a coin into a Wishing Well?

Of course I have, as no doubt have most Of Britain, partially as a bit of fun to rid myself of unwanted small change but also as they are set up for many charities. It may be small change wearing out the pockets for me  and others alike but it adds up for those poor unfortunates.

  The last time I dropped money into a Wishing Well it was in Blackpool circa 2003 when Shaggy, his younger cousin whose name currently escapes me and myself sent for an early spring day out. At this point in time I was the driver of the group so the deal was he’d put the petrol in the tank in return for my services  and we’d often go on impromtu car journeys. This of course had to be planned as it was a Saturday and I was working in a Pub and Saturdays are a peak day,  so I booked the day off and we had a very enjoyable day. We spent a huge amount of time at the Pleasure Beach and went on various rides including the obligatory Haunted House. We made a point of going on the Pepsi Max Roller Coaster which at the time was the highest Roller Coaster in the world and we did kind of sneakily block the aisle when we queued up so his cousin couldn’t back out. There was an embarrassing incident for the group in front of us as when they got to the ride one of the lads was too large to fit under the safety harness and had to leave… in front of the entire queue. Poor guy.

    Another ride was called Valhalla and was a water based ride where it declared you would get wet and you may get drenched! Shaggy mostly kept getting the splashes which made him get a lot of ribbing by me, I ended up eating humble pie in the end though. As our boat made its final descent I ended up directly under a waterfall! Karma eh?

  Wishing Well, well this was when entering route to Ripley’s Believe It or Not, there was a Wishing Well on the seafront and as we went by we all dropped a few coins in. I don’t know what Shaggy and his Cousin wished for but we all knew what I wished for. As I dropped my coins in I whacked my head on the roof and loudly muttered “oh bloody hell, I wish I hadn’t done that!” Sadly,  this incident was not undone as I had bruise on my temple for the next two days.

   I may well revisit Blackpool later this year when Kat comes up to visit.

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