Citizen Sandman


“I am a citizen  of the Universe and a gentleman to boot.”

The Doctor, The Daleks’ Master Plan by Terry Nation

Am I Patriotic?

Probably not in the nationalistic sense as that does tend to lead to the ugly side of national pride and how many hate groups like the EDL, BNP and National Front palm themselves off as patriots acting within the public interest. These so called Patriots totally misrepresent the idea of national pride and have the most closed minds of all. We, as are most countries, a nation of multiple cultures and we always have been that way. Most of our traditions have come from mash ups from other cultures. The words we speak come from an amalgamation of multiple languages, the alphabet we use originates from the middle east, the way we have meals comes from Russia. So I am a patriot because I think that England should be and always be a melting pot of change and culture, we are an ever changing organism which roots out the weak elements are nurtures the strong.

So while I love the idealised image of England which perpetrates shows like the Avengers, Midsomer Murders (that’s Barnby to overseas readers) and virtually every film intended for the American market, it is a myth and should be treated as such.

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