Forked Lightening

It is 5:42 am on a Tuesday and I have been awake for about 70 minutes, that’s the problem with having a much needed early night. Early to rise, though no doubt I will have a power nap at some point.

So how has the week been? Its been a decidedly odd one of not doing a lot and yet feeling tired all the time. I noticed that I am getting drowsy and often getting a dry mouth when I wake up and often need a glass of water in the night… I must be getting old though I may need to keep an eye on other things just incase I am developing diabetes. It’s probably just a combination of dehydration and long hours in a hot environment but it won’t hurt to keep a note of things. I can’t remember who said it, but the statement never Google your symptoms is probably apt here. We shall see…

Sunday night was a bit of non-event. I learned from a website that a Jazz band was playing in Meole Brace, the band in question was called the Chicago Swing Katz and has some familiar faces from the Heart of England Jazz Band and John Burnett’s Jazz Bandits and made two appearances at the Harp. Since the morons at the Harp cancelled both Jazz Club 90 and Mike Yorke’s gig I have been somewhat starved of Live Jazz so this seemed like the ideal opportunity to go and stimulate my senses with some syncopated swing so after I had my post work dinner, I jumped in the motor, said ouch as it is only a small car, and headed down to Meole Brace. You can imagine my dismay to find that the time listed was in fact the time the band stopped playing!! Seriously who puts the finishing time instead of the starting time on a website??? So it will be the end of the month when I can get my live Jazz fix as the Severnside Jazz band is back at the Four Crosses after asummer break. I haven’t seen those guys in nearly three years so it will be good to see the band again. Sadly I missed Cliff Crocket’s 100th birthday gig last year, a shame becausehow often does one get the chance to go to a 100th birthday. Sadly Cliff died a few months later but I do believe he may have been the oldest working Jazz drummer in the UK,

So I returned to Telford with my sense of fun deflated and curled up on the sofa with dogs and watched five of the six episodes of The Enemy of the World.

I may have lost out on Live Jazz but I have at least kept the jukebox (or should that be Dukebox?) jazzing with a few albums I have dug out of storage: Humphrey Lyttelton- Return to the Conway, Acker Bilk/Terry Lightfoot/Sandy Brown/Archie Semple- Clarinet Jamboree, Harry Roy’s Tiger Raggamuffins with Ray Ellington- There’s Something About Harry and The Indigo Kings- Contotallyfused. As you my have guessed I am keeping the British end up here with these all being UK based artists and mostly of the Trad/Revivalist Jazz movement, the Indigo Kings being the odd one out on that front. Keep an eye for some reviews of these albums.

The other downside this week was when sorting out a beer delivery the other day, I managed to miss a step after sealing the drop and landed very awkwardly on my gammy knee, the sensation can best be described as ‘forked lightening’ and as a result I spent the next few days limping again.

Until next time…

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