You Are #6

So Kafka, what exactly do you mean by bite and sting?

I assume Kafka means novels that have a significant effect on you… or is referring to that awkward moment when I was reading in the bath and shut the book too fast.

Books, I have an ever increasing pile of “books I am yet to read” and I don’t think it’ll get any smaller.

I’m not going to talk about a particular book I choose to read but an interesting scenario which created with Mary a few years back. Mary, like Philippa before her, was quite bookish and as we started dating I can up with the idea of a book swop, she gives me one of her books and vice versa, the idea being we could get to know one another in a different way and we’d probably read something we wouldn’t do normally. I gave her The Affinity Bridge by George Mann, which is the first book in the steampunk series Newbury and Hobbs,  which is about too detectives who work for Queen Victoria in a parallel universe. It’s a good bad book if you see what I mean, a rip roaring Boy’s Own Adventure style story which is very possibly influenced by the Cybermen from Doctor Who.

She made me go out and buy  lent me a copy of the Other Bolyen girl by Philippa Gregory which is essentially a bodice ripping thriller set against Tudor politics. For me it was ok, it felt like the ending was a bit too much pandering to the Henry the VIII perpetrated version of events and goes out of the way to make Anne Bolyen a villain. I’m glad I read it but I don’t think I will reading more Philippa Gregory  any more than Mary will be reading the rest of the Newbury and Hobbs books. In honesty I think it fair to say I gave her a last demanding booK,  a situation I intended to rectify the next time. For reasons I can’t recall another book swap failed to happen, but I often muse as to which book I would have given her next.


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