Those Were The Days My Friend.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Only Sixteen.”

What sort of person was I at sixteen? Well I was thinner and a bit shorter. I wore glasses then but there were a little lower down.

Sixteen  was an interesting age for me as in many ways I was two people as this was the age the first future life choices are made. In 1999 when I turned sixteen on a wet and lonely birthday in February I was still a schoolboy; I was in my final year and secondary school and was approaching the subject of college and A-Levels and thus looking at my academic interests but let’s ignore that aspect and look at the me of the time.

At that time I was something of a shy awkward teenager who never really fitted in with the adolescent hormones thrown into to make things so much easier. I was so often such a weird mix of horny and shy if a girl I liked said anything to me I would probably have ejaculated the word SORRY at them (I couldn’t actually do that, if I could I would have had great fun going around ruining games of Scrabble). While at school I was one of a trio of guys who were sort of misfits who had sort of connections in certain tastes, but we each fell into a certain set of archetypes. I was the laid back cynic who wanted to keep my head down, Big Nick was the guy into cars, making things and coming up with ideas and Mickey G was the scruffy one who was always cheerful and usually was the butt of the jokes or the guy who ended being the guinea pig for our schemes…. I have a feeling we were sort of Teenage version of Last of the Summer Wine. We’d get into all sorts of messes and trouble from the teachers for our schoolyard antics, but no one ever got hurt. Off the schoolyard I was somewhat lonely as through deliberate manipulation I was in separate classes to my friends, so I just tried to keep my head down and do the work. School was not a happy time for me and when I did my last GCSE exam it was joy not sadness I felt.

So the Summer passed and College began… it took a fews to settle into the College mentality but it was when I started becoming the person I had to become in order for the man I am to be born. Gone was the overt sci-fi fan boy and in was a more restrained version, I made better friendship groups with much a much richer variety of person but above all I started thinking about stuff. Towards the end of my sixteenth year my baby steps into adulthood had become strides and I think part of it was because college made ME responsible for things going in my education, or at least on the front seat. Parents were no longer a major influence in my education I had freedom to a degree and that is what I think made the big change in me.

Would I want to be sixteen again?  Hell No!


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