Keeper of the Flow of Utter Boredom

If I stumbled across the Fountain of Youth, would I drink the water?

The short answer is no. The Fountain of Youth is just the stepping stone to immortality which no doubt would lead to the ultimate corruption of a person. This tempting beverage is a prime example of the whole ‘be careful what you wish for’ scenario. Drink from the Fountain and watch those close to you slowly age, wither away and ultimately die, while you remain static and unchanged. Eventually you would have to remove yourself from society as no matter what, it would age, decay and be reborn while you eventually become an anachronism in the face of the world. The mortality of the human and the aging process are amoungst the greatest inspirations the thinking mind latches onto, to remove them would cause stagnation and eventually lead to the human race in the ultimate state of decay. As no one aged think of the ever rising population as the eternally young remain fertile for their entire existence.  This would lead to a one of two situations: Colonisation of other worlds or there will a return to Nazi style death camps in order to keep the population from depleting the Earth’s resources. Perhaps that is how HG Wells’ Morlocks came into being…


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