Guess Who’s Been Making a Splash in Ironbridge

Another week gone and once again not a lot to show for it. The Bank Holiday weekend was a typical wet washout but unusually I wasn’t working, though more through luck then judgement. What did I do with the day? Not a lot, mostly chilled visited Mike at the Mytton and went for a few beers at the Cock Hotel. They had a nice ale called Cheshire Cat on at the Mytton, a light ale I have sampled many times back in the day at the Harp and of course the range at the Cock Hotel was as awesome as ever. 

Sunday was a busy day for me in more ways then one, work was particularly busy with a significant amount of large bookings and my evening being jam packed. Immediately after work I shot across town for the 5:30 screening of the Man from UNCLE at Telford cineworld and after the film had finished shot down to a wet Ironbridge for a gig by 70s/80s cover band Groovecity. ‘Why was I off to see that particular band?’ You may well be asking considering it isn’t exactly my usual cup of tea, well the main reason was because my other friend Mike, who used to do modern Jazz nights at the Harp and I made copious amounts of YouTube videos of, was performing in the band. Originally the plan was for a night of Manliness and Merriment with Neil, but circumstances got in the way so we had to take a rain check, so I was more or less on my todd with a Lancaster Bomber for company (as in the beer, not an actual Lancaster Bomber). While the band was playing there were various people getting up to dance and there was a very familiar looking dark haired girl taking over the dancefloor… it took me a while but I recognised who it was; it was the girl who barged Amy off the dance floor a few years back. Curiously enough everyone aside from her fella was giving her a wide berth, must be well known for barging people away.

My plans for a night out with Neil may have been put on hold but there was a little intrim but of activity as by a coincidence I bumped into him and his wife while at the Town Centre on my split, so we had a quick catch up over a coffee (well I had coffee as I had to return to work). It may not have been quite the merriment we had intended but it was something at least.

How was the Man from UNCLE? It was very good and quite funny in places and thankfully did not try to be a Po-faced Cold War thriller and miss the spirit of the original TV show in much the way the Saint movie of the 90s did. These modern day remakes I often approach with caution after the disasters that were the Avengers and the aforementioned Saint movies, but with Guy Ritchie at the helm I need not have been worried. It hasn’t been modernised and it was very firmly set in the 1960s with a very 60s plotline regarding a nuclear warhead, escaped Nazi war criminals, dangerous glamour girls, s bit of cultural stereotyping and a bit of Iron Curtain hopping. If you are a viewer who is not particularly enamoured by the current tone of the James Bond series then this film is most definitely for you as it would sit perfectly alongside Thunderball, Dr No and You Only Live Twice.


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