Have You Ever Seen A Dream Walking?

First Crush

Who was your first childhood crush? What would you say to that person if you saw him/her again?

My first childhood  crush? I am not sure why the need for the inclusion of the word childhood as I would think most of us would have had our first crush in childhood.

My first crush was a girl who was in my class in my final year at Primary School (that’s Elementary School if you are an American reading this), her name was Louse and she was in the year below me. It probably tells a lot that I remember her a lot more then I remember other things from those days. My main recollection of Primary School was of short stern looking teachers with thin moustaches (except for one or two of the men) whom in later years I concluded only became Teachers because they couldn’t find a small African state to become a dictator of. There was little room for empathic Teachers there, if Hayley and Louisa are a standard example of today’s Primary School teachers it seem that they have become much attractive since I left. My other predominant memory was the hardness of the School’s playground, I fairly certain that the school uniform was a red polo neck shirt, shorts and the School scab on your knee.

Louise clearly made an impression on me and I did have the good fortune of befriending her for a bit last year and we had a fairly if uneven mild friendship going, but unfortunately it kind of fizzled out as she was having boyfriend trouble at the time.


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