The Best Things Are Done by Hand

What was the last time you wrote something by hand?

Well my day to day job requires me to write stuff down by hand, but that is mundane tasks like taking food and drinks orders or ordering stock.

But the pen is far mightier then the keyboard and I tend to make all of my creative notes in pen and ink. Whether it be story outlines, character profiles, paragraphs and a few cases a complete short story. My reason for thisis a lesson which was drilled into me by one of teachers at secondary school (can’t recall her name but she was an English teacher, blonde and had enormous… hey I was a teenager) was to show your working.  Pen and paper shows everything and you can always go back and see where your mistakes were or the chance to revisit previously abandoned areas. The thing with computers is you just, highlight and press delete and it is gone, lost forever…


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