That’s My Home

Name five things in your house that make it a home.

  1. The Walls. It can’t be a home if you haven’t the means to hold a roof over your head.
  2. My extensive collection of books and music. My library ranges from classics such as The Illiad, The Old Curiosity Shop and The Sleeper Awakens, though the page turning dime story novels and story magazine Boy’s Own Adventure exploits of Bulldog Drummond, Sexton Blake and Charlie Chan to the works of John le Carré, Stephen King, George Mann and Mark Hodder.  Though I admit the most prominent works of fiction in my home are those of the exploits of our favourite Timelord.
  3. The casual bits of detritus that is inevitable from having two terriers. Bits of tissue, unguarded hosiery and broken bits of pull toys are a notable feature of my carpets.
  4. I don’t really do photos so there aren’t many about.  Having said that, my mantle piece is dominated by a photo of me as two of the Three Stooges which is momento of my second and, to date, last trip to Las Vegas. Next to that is a dog-earred photo which is my Grandma’s wedding photo. Grandma died in 1993, but the main reason it is on show is that it is only one three photos of Mum’s dad. He died in 1959, 24 years before I was born hence being Mum’s Dad as opposed to Grandad. He kind of looked like Wally Batty…. which I guess is appropriate for a Yorkshire man. No idea if he ever owned a LNER cap though.
  5. Continuing the musical theme, the presence of several musical instruments, stands and amps etc…. most cupboards have at least one set of reeds in them. Admittedly the Clarinet and Bass are gathering dust but the saxes get airings quite frequently. I didn’t realise how many of my neighbours are Jazz experts… once after a particularly stressful night at work I popped out into the garden and doodled on my Tenor Sax. A few minutes later a few lights came on and windows opened and common cry was”Nick it’s 3 o’clock in the Morning”. I never realised how many of my neighbours own the Dexter Gordon album Go!

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