Character Assassin

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Interesting proposition posed by the Daily Prompt.

The problem is I have so many to choose from…. My obvious answer would of course be the last of the Timelord,  the good Doctor himself. But, that poses another question which one? There are thirteen of him to choose from, fourteen if you count the Valeyard. This would have a marked effect on what would do… as the first four Doctors could not control the TARDIS and the most recent ones with the exception of Capaldi don’t fair much better. Of course this would no doubt enhance the experience if we had no idea where we were heading for.

But  I think I may fall back on one of my secondary favourites, the calculating, crime fighting detective who lives on Baker’s street with his house keeper. I mean of course, Sexton Blake. Sexton Blake was one of the most published fictional characters with his exploits being published in Union Jack (later Detective Weekley), the Penny Periodical, the Ha’penny Marvel and many more.  What would be doing… no doubt investigating some nefarious crime being plotted by a diabolical mastermind. I have a feeling I’d be his side kick in one of the shorter stories that were published in the Penny Periodical rather then Union Jack. It’d make more a character akin to Bathurst rather then Tinker. Also being in my thirties I imagine I’d be a policeman helping out or the reckless black sheep of an Upper-middle class family.

Blake is often dismissed as “the office boy Sherlock Holmes” and while there are similairites in the character, Blake is much more of Holmes in the style of Indiana Jones, so less deductive reasoning and far more thumping. Actually you could really say the two recent Sherlock Holmes movies starring Robert Downey Jr and directed by Guy Ritchie are more a kin to Blake then Holmes.

2 thoughts on “Character Assassin

  1. Did you see the recent film Mr. Holmes?
    I am reading everyone else’s entry for inspiration. So many great picks – yours included. Now you have me thinking of all those wonderful old Holmes films starring Basil Rathbone. And I do love how Benedict Cumberbatch portrays Bakers Street’s most celebrated resident.


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