Raymond Luxury Yacht Sends His Regards

I know it has been a while since I last updated but I haven’t really had that much to tell you of late. Last weekend I had the good fortune of bumping into two old friends from my Horseshoes days, namely the small hairy vegetable that is Sprout who is best described as one the last of Barroom Philosophers and good old Pete. I haven’t properly seen Sprout for a couple of years now as he pretty much drinks at the Shoe, which is currently closed after being bought out and now being refurbished. Also he only goes out once or twice now and both times while I am at the Kynn working, so that scuppers that. Pete I caught at the Mytton and Mermaid after I finished work and it was good to catch up with him, again we don’t see one another for the reasons previously mentioned and also that he is fairly close to Mary and that just makes things awkward. We had a good catch up and a few giggles over stuff, hopefully I’ll be seeing him again soon. 

Other exciting news… erm I trimmed my beard back last week and subsequently lost three pounds in weight, I just hope this won’t lead to the Sampson Syndrome. 

Life at the Mytton is still very much like I am living Cheers, with much mischief being conducted both sides of the bar ranging from the newly elected leader of the Labour party to the best recipe for Eggs Benedict. However I do think my lack of romantic encounters is being to take a hold of me as I have been becoming very aware of the tall, slim girl behind the bar with amazing big brown eyes (no that is not Barney Stinson symonym for boobs, I do mean her eyes) and has suddenly gone all Chris de Burgh. 

Talking about reacquainting with old faces I ran into Phil Homer, the dad of a childhood friend and basically filled in the events of the past twenty years, the down side here was that as we got talking I ended up collered by the local weirdo and I spent the rest of the evening trying to politely excuse myself, before biting the bullet and quickly jumping in on some friends. 

I’ve just finished reading James Goss’s novelisation of City of Death and it was rather good, expanding and explaining elements of the TV serial which originally weren’t clear or didn’t make sense. My one criticism, and it is sort of a big one, is the mock Douglas Adams prose. I know the script was co-written by Douglas but I’m not sure it was best to try and recreate his writing style. Don’t get me wrong it is very good and could almost pass muster but… I don’t know I think a different approach should have been taken. Considering the original story outline was a homage to Bulldog Drummond, I think writing in that potboiler style would have been a much more interesting way to experience the story.

So what to read next? I have a few paperbacks of pre-1940 crime novels rescued by the British Library to devour, the first book in the relaunched Sexton Blake Library or I could read something more serious like Salmon Rushdie’s the Satanic Verses or The Old Curiosity Shop. I don’t know, any suggestions please send to me on the back of Stamped addressed batter pudding.

Anyway, my final thought for this entry is going back to the thought of catching up with friends; I need to plan pre-Christmas visits to both Amy and Katherine and organise a manly night of merriment with Mr Neil. Oh and if I get a date along the way, with a girl not Neil, even better.

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