Joker in the Pack

Can anything be funny, or are some things off limits?

My personal view is that humour is the ultimate tonic and often inappropriate jokes are a way people come to terms with events. True, some are just nasty for the sake of nasty but I  don’t think any topics should be taboo. The manner lies in the execution of the jokes.

Back in my secondary school days, pre-GCSE years lesson structure included Drama and as such skits were often formed with varying degrees of success. I remember a thoroughly hilarious Nativity skit which concluded with the Three Wise men performing the YMCA and various silly jokes with in.

I was always one for satire and puns rather outright lampooning so my efforts at that kind of sketch were… well they sparked reactions. I was something of a Monty Python nut at the time and I wanted to top the Undertaker Sketch for bad taste and as such decided that the shootings at Dunblane and the death of Princess Diana would be my targets…. I did mention that I was pushing for bad taste didn’t I? Well stern words were given afterwards….

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