A Slight Reflection on You

Think of your blog as a mirror: what does it reveal? Consider your blog name, theme choice, design, bio, posts… what does every element tell you about yourself?

If a blog is a mirror, it is one of those warped ones you get in fun fairs as it gives a distorted version of ones true self. The writer is giving a very controlled snapshot of oneself and essentially putting on an act showing a version of themselves which is more interpretation from a play or novel.

So I shall break down mine step my step.

My user name Sandman Jazz, well it has been my Internet handle online for ages. It started being used back when there were chat rooms on MSN and Yahoo  and became my Livejournal handle, also my Twitter name.  The obvious thing to draw from the name is that I like Jazz, but the Sandman part is a little harder to explain why I kept it. It was the name of a Big Finish Doctor Who radio play starring Colin Baker and was pre-empted in the previous release the Rapture when a clubber goes off her face on LSD and the 7th Doctor snarls “I am the Sandman, I’m going to eat your soul”,  a phrase I borrowed at work once during a power cut. Contextually speaking I was thinking Sandman because essentially the words typed once online are sent off like grains of sand in an electronic wind. My bio is short as I think the writing speaks for itself and I post edited diary accounts of my week or muses based on Prompts.  Very much you could say I am putting on a performance of myself as the public blog is very much my stage. When on stage only part of you is on show as you inhabit the character, even when I did my FFN scene back in the day I wasn’t really me.

That is what my blog mirror is, me acting at being myself.


One thought on “A Slight Reflection on You

  1. “Very much you could say I am putting on a performance of myself as the public blog is very much my stage”- This rings so true. That’s how I see blogging as well. It is you but at the same time it’s not really you.

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