Man on the Moon

The Best of REM is on the Jukebox so that can only mean Mr Nick is in introspective mood.

First up, from multiple sources it seems my ex Mary is trying to sink her claws into my mate Pete. This may well explain a lot from the last year with his insistence that I have been rubbing other girl’s in Mary’s face… or as I put it, I have had photos of my two best friends on my phone for nearly 3 years. Namely Amy and Katherine, the latter is a later addition as I only properly befriended Kathy 2 years ago… but you know facts are irrelevant it seems. I know it is none of my business what Pete and Mary do but… dude, Bro Code…

After a bit of tooing and froing I have arranged a visit to see the delightful Amy once again, so more or less this time next month I will be in the company of my delightful Bee Gees freak/Sixties Go-Go girl best friend. Sadly I will be to late for the Twin Peaks café so damn fine coffee and cherry pie will be out of the equation, but never mind. Hopefully I will also be able to pay visit to the Inquisitor while down there.

I made Tuesday my cinema day, my first intent was to see the Visit which is a horror directed by the man who did the Sixth Sense but I was too late so it was choice between The Martian or the Maze Runner: Scorch Trials. I opted for the latter after a nice lunch at the Thomas Botfield and it was a reasonable if somewhat predictable film which had the same problems the first one had. This is my Facebook view of it: Not a a terrible film but as with the first film, The Scorch Test has an air of seen it all before about it. The lead character, Thomas, (who looks a bit like Jack who worked at Kyn) spends most of the duration of the film running around with an expression suggesting he is looking to scav a 10 pence piece to use in a pay phone. There is the typical rebel call to arms speech and a middle section where the film turns into a weird cross of the Omega Man, 28 Days Later and I Am Legend. The scene in the club is reminiscent of the scenes in the Bang Bang Bar in Fire Walk with Me (just with out the boobs and oral sex) and Marcus’ campy outfit looks like a Hunger Games reject. But… it was kind of fun to watch. A good crap film.

Essentially, as the first, it was young adult/teen sci-fi drama by numbers only this time they remembered to tick off the awkward ‘teen love-triangle’ sub plot on the checklist with the arrival of a young lady living in the slums of the post apocalyptic waste land. Again, the time scale for the events of the film seems quite rushed with people simply accepted what is said with no forethought as to the consequences, except when the plot requires it and everyone is instantly suspicious, save for the scene in the warehouse. Where our runaway youths are imprisoned in a highly convoluted trap from which they can escape and do.

I had the cinema to myself so I assume since it was a wet afternoon every non worker or school pupil was busy having a seance and left captain Grumpy to his own devices.

Work has been ok, but marred by the sad news that both the lovely Louise and the vitalitus Victoria are moving on to pastures new, meaning that once again we at the Kyn are looking for new staff. It is a shame as contrary to popular belief, good bar staff is hard to come by.

Remember how I said the other day that my social life was rapidly turning into a Mytton and Mermaid based version of Cheers? Well this was stepped up a little yesterday when I was served by bar staff called Sam and Karla! Granted this was a female Sam and there is the question as to which of Mike, Tom and I are Fraiser, Norm and Cliff. Oh, everybody does know our names there too.I’m slowly becoming the technical guy for the former musical patrons at the Harp, with offering over the phone advice over setting up a Youtube account and helping Lynne D’Cruz help upload her videos (of her singing, not those sort of videos) to help promote her business. Seems the videos of Mike’s band I uploaded have set me up in good stead.

The final series of New Tricks has reached its end which is a big shame as the series has proved to be a dramatic return to form despite the bulk of the series having none of the original cast (save from Strickland who was always more an M type character and limited in his involvement in the stories). Larry Lamb’s rather lamely named character Ted Case, despite at first coming across as a passive-aggressive version of Brian Lane, seems to have been the catalyst which has gelled the team together and bought back the spark of the original team. Unfortunately the final episode was a let down with an all too convenient climax. It wasn’t as bad as the Two and a Half Men finale but it seems that the ability to write good final ever episodes seems to have been lost. Script writers looking to write a final episode need to go back at the rich history of TV to remind themselves how final episodes are to be done. Off the top of my head perfect examples of first rate final episodes are Angel: Not Fade Away, Twin Peaks (ok I know technically Twin Peaks doesn’t count anymore), Blake’s 7 “Terminal” and “Blake” (no it wasn’t a two parter, it is a show with the distinction of having two final ever episodes due to a last minute change of heart by the head of Drama while the ‘final episode’ Terminal was being broadcast), Frasier and Survivors.

Of course the good Doctor has returned to the screen and series 9 is off to a cracking start with three of the four episodes broadcast so far being damn near 10 out of 10 material, with many memorable moments and a continuation of the darker tone which was creeping in at the end of the previous series. Hopefully, it won’t all be of a darker tone and we will have some light romps to add texture and breathing space to the season.

That’s all for now.



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