Lights, Camera, Action

Cast the movie of your life.

Hmm tricky one here. I’ll assume I can pick any actor from the history of film/TV/Stage regardless of their mortality, but there is more to it then that. How does this movie work? Is it a generic bio-pic film which highlights the various major events of my life like Man on the Moon or Bird, or is it a film focusing on one particular point in my life like Hitchcock, which dealt with the creation of Psycho or Frost/Nixon which was pretty much a film about David Frost’s infamous interview with President Nixon? If the former approach there’d be limits as to how it is covered and what the angle is, which parts to include etc. The latter approach would be a better option as it gives a focus, but again what part to look at? A film focusing on how I turned the ale trade at the Horseshoes around from 2 firkins a week to an average of 9? A rather limited plot but a good personal journey with the added romantic sub plot of getting involved with Philippa to help soak up the booze as it were. The downside to that is there’s a good change that’d be a bit too much like a British film version of Cheers. 

How about that fateful trip to the USA? Hmm there are two major flaws there.

  1. It would involve a huge amount of time of two people chatting via MSN Messenger and Chatrooms. That doesn’t make great Cinema and would be more suited to Radio.
  2. It has a rather downbeat ending

My uni days? Not really much in the way of a story there.

So who would I get to play myself?  I’d go for someone like Jon Rollason who was an actor cum writer who played a short lived lead in the Avengers and was a journalist in the Doctor Who story The Web of Fear, looks wise he has that everyday man look about him. He has a mawkish charm and always comes across as a very believable guy.

So yeah I’d go with the pub story.

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