Through the Looking Glass

Science fiction loves the idea of parallel universes — do you? Do you find it interesting or scary to think of multiple versions of yourself and others? If you were suddenly face to face with an alternate reality version of yourself, what do you think would happen?

have always thought the concept of the Parallel Universe a more Scientific way of looking at the “What if” scenario. There are very fine scientific minds which do believe that things exist but for me they are just a flight of whimsy to tell a “what if” story or a story in a particular style such as Steampunk.
Would the existence of Parallel Universes put a final end to the concept of determinism and prove that ultimately free will is not an illusion? Or would be cast a huge shadow of doubt and emptiness upon the world as we realise that everything we do here is irrelevant as a different version will be played out elsewhere.
It does beg the question how different would our Parallel selves be? Every decision makes an affect on our lives so it is entirely plausible we’d meet versions of our selves whose only similarity to ourselves is our appearance and name. Would a Nick bought up in a 20th century where the second world war never happened have the same values as me? Of course not as we’d have a different shaped socio-political world around us. Parallel Universes to me reek of a Pandora’s Box. Best left unopened.


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