What is in a name? Part one

Over the years I have come up with many story ideas, but often struggled with a title for the story. So what makes a good title?

Here a few examples

I outlined a story which eventually became an amalgamation of two ideas about a new pesticide for use in third world countries  which would have an unwelcome side affect upon the rest of the ecosystem and the researcher who uncovers this is murdered.

Realising this was a bit of a starchy tale which would involve a lot of talking heads, I changed the researcher to a Biology student doing her dissertation who unwittingly uncovers the problem with the pesticide and is bumped off. I this is when I reused elements from an abandoned idea about the murder of some girls in a glamour model agency. The student was loosely based on a nerdy but very cute busty model who modelled under the name of Louisa Lockhart. An interview with her stated she was a Marine Biology student who was modelling to pay her University fees and I think that must have stuck in my mind and thus fixed the Glamour Model story risk of falling into sleeve.

But what to call it? Opinions please:

So far I came up with

The Glamour Model Murderer (vetoed for multiple reasons)

Storm in a G-Cup (bad pun strikes again)

The Naked Truth

And my personal favourite:

….and Spring Silently Passes By

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