Do you enjoy winter, or do you prefer other times of the year more? What outdoor winter activities (skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, etc) have you tried — did you enjoy them, or did you come away from them thinking “never again”? Has your opinion of winter changed from when you were a kid?
I’ve always been more of a Spring and Autumn person. Some may prefer the long, hot sun kissed days of Summer or the romantic notion of curling up in front of a fire with their dearly beloved on a cold picturesque Winter’s day but not me. Summer brings in the issues of insects, sweaty patrons and the over abundance of exposed flesh. Winter has a lot of picturesque romantic qualities about it, the the reality is that most of winter is wet, grey and cold lacking the appealing frost on the trees and the gentle blank of snow coverings and small cottages with smoking chimneys. The spring is a time of optimism and joy, colour is returning to the world and with a new freshness. Autumn, all the leaves and the colours. Joys soft winds bring up spirals of yellow-brown leaves dancing an exquisite secret dance upon the rhythms of the breeze. The warmth of the evening adds a mystery to the land, and there is something about being a slight silhouette in the glow of the street lamp in the Autumn fog I find appealing. Probably because I have watched too many Hammer movies…

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